Spin the Wheel Bingo Sites

When choosing what bingo site to join, players are often heavily influenced by the type of welcome promotion offered. Different sites tend to offer different promotions. Everyone has a preference. One of the most popular types of welcome promos is a free spin the wheel bingo bonus. These are utilised by many of the web’s leading bingo sites. Not only do they give players a chance to win rewards, they add an extra layer of excitement by throwing a bit of mystery into the mix. Yes, it’s great knowing the type of reward you’ll gain however it can also be fun to have options. Spin the wheel promos give you options, you never know just how big your prize could be!

Best Spin the Wheel Bonuses

Want starting spinning the wheel? The best spin the wheel bonuses are listed below. Although these sites offer slightly different promos, they all have a few things in common. You are not restricted to one single bonus. Spin and you could win one of several different prizes. Some offer spins whilst others such as spin the wheel Wink Bingo give you the chance to win tangible prizes. There’s a cool element of surprise added.

Why Spin? What do you win?

The prizes for turning the wheel will differ depending on the site. Each place you play will wheel out alternative prizes. All of the prizes will constitute a cool freebie for you to use on the site. Some wheels will consist of only tangible gifts ranging in value from something small to larger gifts such as a mobile phone or a trip away. Others will have you playing for bonus credit or even free spins. All you have to do is deposit the required amount, rotate the wheel and wait for it to land on your prize.

Other common welcome bonuses include no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses. These are slightly less complex than spin the wheel promos. In a no-deposit promo, players will be asked to register a valid payment method to their account then they will be credited with bonus funds. The level of funds is usually quite low- often in the region of £5 to £20.

With a deposit bonus, the level of bonus funds a player will receive is generally higher. You’ll be asked to deposit a minimum amount of cash into your account then the site will boost it with bonus credit. Players can receive anything from a 100%-500% boost depending on the bingo website they have joined.

How Does the Wheel Work?

These promos take their inspiration from the hugely popular game show, The Wheel of Fortune. The show was created in the USA then developed for British television during the 80s. It ran in the UK from 1988-2001. Game show contestants would spin the wheel to earn prizes. These were cash prizes in the US version and tangible prizes in the UK show. After they’d spun, contestants collected the prize until they were knocked out of the game.

When signing up to a new site with a spin the wheel promo, always check which prizes are on offer. You always want to make sure that you are spinning for a prize you want. For example, if the prize is free spins for 3 games that you don’t like, then this may seem like a waste of time.

If you love the excitement of spin the wheel promos, you can even do it yourself at home at your own game nights! Why not buy your own wheel and host regular Wheel of Fortune nights?

Spinning the wheel is a brilliant way to add excitement to the welcome bonus package. Players get to spin to land a multitude of coveted prizes instead of merely picking up bonus credit. Why not spin the wheel at a new bingo site today?

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