Speed Bingo Games

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Fast-paced bingo games are super fun, as you might already know. But if you’re new to this form of bingo, we’ll give you a quick run through the facts – and let you know where to play it. On your marks… get set… let’s go!

Best sites to play speed bingo

Would you know where to begin if you wanted to play some of the best speed bingo games online today? Fortunately, you don’t have to, because we can provide you with all the answers you could want right here.


5-line bingo is fast and furious and available now to enjoy at Wink Bingo. Buy your bingo tickets and get set to start marking off those numbers to look for winning lines! [Read full review]


Tasty Bingo just got tastier here, with the introduction of 5-line bingo games. Quick games take place every day and there are fixed jackpots at certain times, too, so it makes sense to check those to maximise your winning chances. [Read full review]

Bingo Street

How many lines will you win with in your next 5-line bingo game at Bingo Street? This leading website offers several chances to win with each ticket, instead of offering just a full house prize with each game. [Read full review]

Fast-paced games


The clue to this game is in the title! This uses a set of 30 balls and that means the games are completed quickly and you have fewer balls to look for when they are called. Could you get lucky by matching however many balls you need from a selection of just 30?

Cash Cubes

This version of fast bingo works on the idea you must complete lines to win prizes. Instead of matching all the numbers on your bingo ticket, you need only match those on one line. Other versions of the game require you to match squares, with each one successfully matched bringing you a prize (cash for a cube, if you like).

Swedish Bingo

This version uses the same 5×5 grid format on the bingo ticket as 75-ball bingo. The one difference is the middle square won’t be free, because it will have a number in it as well. You might also see this called five-line bingo, so watch out for it to appear under that title as you try to win one of the available prizes.

Can I play for free?

You can play speed bingo games free if you download and use one of the following free speed apps. It’s worth remembering many free apps let you download and play the game free, but you can make in-app purchases. Make sure you know the rules for each one so you aren’t caught out if you only want to play for free and for fun.

Bingo Rush 2

This offers the chance to play up to eight cards simultaneously! You can also look forward to Power-Ups, four chances to call bingo per card and even hit ‘next ball’ yourself to speed things up further!

Absolute Speed Bingo

There’s zero waiting with Absolute Speed Bingo. Win coins, discover whether you have a winning board straightaway and enjoy built-in puzzles too when you download this app onto your favourite device.

Bingo Blaze

Twelve bingo worlds are waiting to be explored by you when you download Bingo Blaze. Play several cards at once, unlock more levels and win coins as you progress through this addictive mobile game.

Pros and cons of fast-paced bingo

There are pros and cons to every bingo game, and this one is no exception. For some people, the pros will far outweigh the cons, but it is wise to be aware of both sides of the argument before you make your own decision.

Pros of fast play

  • Simple to get the hang of
  • You can play lots of games in a short period
  • The fast pace makes things more exciting
  • Tickets are available for pennies
  • You’ve got more opportunities to win in a shorter time
  • Some games offer more than one prize

Cons of fast play

  • It can be too fast to keep up with (although many sites auto-complete your ticket so even if your internet connection drops out, you still won’t lose if your card was a winner)
  • You can go through more tickets because the games are over quicker
  • You could play for a shorter time if you use up your budget

Our tip: try it and see!

Some people love fast bingo games while others prefer a more sedate pace. The only way to find out which group you fall into is to give it a try.

Are you up to speed with speed bingo?

Quick bingo games do keep you on your toes! If you find normal 75-ball bingo a bit dull and 90-ball bingo doesn’t do it for you anymore, why not try fast-paced bingo today to shake things up a bit?