Privacy Policy

This is the privacy statement for This statement is written and published as a gesture of goodwill to demonstrate its commitment to the privacy of its users. It has therefore opted to divulge its information practices. This policy only covers the practices of NewPayPalBingo, and will not apply to any other companies or individuals not owned by it or in its employment.

Your Info and Privacy

Part of the sign up process for NewPayPalBingo is asking for personal information relating to you. This information will include, but will not be limited to, your email address and your full name. This information then in turn may be used on occasion to send you information regarding recent news, promotions and events on site. These emails are a part of us providing the information service which you have signed up to. However, if you do not wish to receive any more correspondence of this kind from NewPayPalBingo, then you can easily opt out of emails by following instructions outlined in the emails themselves. NewPayPalBingo is dedicated to protecting your privacy and will not allow any third parties access to any information submitted by you to it under any circumstances, other than legal reasons. As demonstration of their commitment, NewPayPalBingo has made a serious investment into its database, backup system and its Firewall, as well as various encryption techniques and providers designed and enlisted specifically with the intention of protecting your privacy and personal information.

Along similar lines, all employees of NewPayPalBingo, both past and present, are required to comply with this privacy policy and with its terms. This obligation applies even to previous employees of the organisation, regardless of their reason for leaving. This means that NewPayPalBingo can ensure your full safety and security when it comes to protecting your online details.

NewPayPalBingo’s Use of Cookies

Cookies are a way for websites to find out statistical information about the computer being used by the visitor to their site. NewPayPalBingo may use cookies where suitable in order to gauge information about the device which you are using. This information is to be used to help us update out website. The information gathered will relate to the general internet use of your device. Cookies will be downloaded to your device and stored on the hard drive, gathering statistics about how your device is used. This information will not be able to personally identify you. If you do not wish for cookies to be able to access your device, you have the option of activating a setting on your computer which allows you to reject cookies. It is also possible that advertisers will use cookies, and we have no control over this.