PayPal Discontinues Windows Phone, Blackberry and Amazon Apps

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If you use the PayPal app for Windows Phone, Blackberry or with an Amazon device you might have noticed some changes. As of the end of June, these apps are no longer supported by the payment giant and will be taken off the market. They’ll also be removed from existing devices, as the app doesn’t have the facility to be updated anymore.

What Does this Mean for Players?

If you’re using one of these PayPal mobile apps then the next time you open it up, you’ll be given information about the change. This will include how to uninstall the old app and what other options you will have.

For players, this doesn’t mean too much as there are alternative ways to use the service. When you deposit on your mobile device, you’ll still be able to use PayPal just not in the app view. In fact, it may be of benefit to you as the app will no longer be taking up space on your device.

If you use PayPal apps for Android then you will be prompted to update to the latest version for better compatibility. This applies to PayPal apps for iPhone too, but make sure that you download on Wi-Fi, rather than using mobile data. If you do so with the latter then you could run up a big bill with your phone provider.

The Reasons Behind the Change

There’s not much official information on why this change is occurring but we can still speculate. A spokesperson for PayPal stated that they believed it was the correct decision to discontinue these PayPal apps.

Experts are reading between the lines and concluding that the development of these apps were simply too costly. By streamlining the development process with less apps, the company will be able to save money. They’re calling it ‘sun setting’ the apps but it really just means no longer supporting their use.

PayPal is stating that they are remaining committed to those that use their service across all devices.

Alternative Solutions

While you will no longer have the PayPal app if you’re using one of these devices, it’s actually a pretty simple transition. There is a fully comprehensive mobile version of the site that offers all of the same functionality when depositing and withdrawing.

As your details aren’t saved in the site, this might lead to you being required to enter your credentials slightly more often. This is actually more secure, as long as you’re careful about who sees your password and screen. Just the same as you would be aware of those around you at a cash machine, use caution when inputting these details.

When you make a deposit, instead of being taken to the app you’ll be taken to the PayPal mobile site to authorise your payment. This is a slightly slower transition but it’s still effective and easy to use.

For sending cash through PayPal, Windows Phone users can enable the PayPal add on in their Outlook app. Blackberry users can also use the Blackberry Messenger app for person to person payments. Neither of these are really for use for depositing but if you use PayPal for personal payments then these options are open to you.

Our Thoughts

We don’t anticipate that this will have much of a knock on effect to bingo sites using PayPal or their players. There might be a small transition period but it’s much the same as using the app, so you won’t need to adjust much. We still recommend using PayPal to all players out there, regardless if you have the facility to use the app or not.