PayPal Bingo Sites with Progressive Jackpot Slots

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Don’t you love progressive slots? If you’ve never played them before, you should keep reading, because we’re going to reveal everything there is to know about them. By the end of this piece, you’ll know more about the exciting progressive slot jackpots there are to be won online right now.

Our favourite sites to play progressive slots


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Once you’ve claimed your welcome bonus you can start playing all kinds of thrilling slots – some with progressive pots included.

What is a progressive jackpot slot?

A progressive jackpot is one that gets progressively larger the longer a game is played. Here are some points to be aware of:

  • Progressive jackpot slots take a small percentage from each wager placed
  • This percentage is added to the jackpot
  • The jackpot could be triggered in a variety of ways depending on how the game is organised and played
  • It’s possible to win hundreds or even thousands of pounds (or even six- or seven-figure sums!)

When will the jackpot drop?

Progressive jackpot slots online can be built to trigger the top prize in several ways:

  • The jackpot could hit entirely at random
  • A specific combination of symbols might be required to appear on the reels to trigger the jackpot
  • Sometimes a game will pay out when the progressive jackpot hits a certain amount (these are less common, but when the amount gets close to that level, it can be an exciting game to play!)
  • It could drop during a bonus feature that gives you access to a jackpot-winning chance

How does RTP affect winnings?

RTP means return-to-player. Here’s how it works:

  • Play a slot with, say, a 95% RTP
  • Over time, you should get back £95 for every £100 in bets placed
  • This runs on averages, which means you could get back more or less than this depending on luck

When a progressive jackpot is present, you may potentially win prizes less often than you would in a slot with no progressive pot to win. This happens because a percentage of bets taken will go into the jackpot fund. However, there is always the chance you could be lucky and get that jackpot.

Be aware of the hit frequency too – the number of times you’ll hit a win while playing. Progressive slots tend to have lower hit frequencies than slots without a progressive pot in play.

Can I win using bonus funds or free spins?

Yes and no – it depends on a few things:

  • The site you’re playing on
  • The jackpot slot you are playing
  • What the T&Cs are for those two elements

Sometimes, a site will restrict you from winning a progressive jackpot if you are playing with free bonus spins or bonus money you received when you joined. If so, this will be in the T&Cs, so make sure you read them.

Are there Ts and Cs to think about?

If you want to play a progressive slot, make sure you check any terms and conditions associated with it first. Here are some examples of T&Cs that can sometimes pop up, although they wouldn’t all be associated with a single jackpot game:

  1. Are winnings paid in instalments or in a lump sum?
  2. Are there withdrawal limits that restrict your access to the jackpot were you to win it?
  3. Would you be required to take part in publicity, therefore revealing your win to the world at large?
  4. Would you be eligible to win if you were using free spins or bonus funds from your account (see point made in previous section)

Top tip: Read the T&Cs before playing for a progressive pot!

Just because the odds for winning are long, it doesn’t mean you couldn’t be the lucky one. So, make sure you know what applies if you did strike it lucky.

Could you get lucky playing for a progressive jackpot?

You never know! It provides additional excitement alongside the thrill of playing some great games. Enjoy the experience and keep your fingers crossed you win!