Newbie Room Bingo Sites

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Upon becoming a member of a bingo site, there are many promos that you can take part in aimed at making you feel right at home. In addition to common ones such as a new player bingo bonus or spin the wheel promos, many sites will also offer you an all-access pass to an exclusive newbie room. These are open to new players only, so be sure that you take part whilst you can. Exclusive treats such as free bingo are reserved just for you for a limited time only. Want to know what to expect from free newbie room bingo? Then stay tuned, we’ve got all the info you need to make the most of your status as a new player.

Best free rooms for Newbies

If you’re looking to join a bingo site, make sure you check the offers available. The sites listed below have some of the best newbie rooms on the web:

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These great bingo rooms all have something in common. They each give new players the potential to take part in deals that they would otherwise not be privy too. Newbie rooms often give players a far higher scope to take home real cash without spending more on tickets, than anywhere else on the site. This is the main reason to play in such rooms during the time you are eligible.

Why Play Free Bingo?

When playing free bingo, players have the chance to play bingo without staking any of their own funds. Whilst this would usually mean that they would not be able to play for real cash, in newbie rooms this is not the case. Free tickets are given and real cash rewards are up for grabs. Welcome bonuses are another common incentive given to new players. They are usually offered in addition to a newbie room; not instead of one.

A welcome bonus allows players a level of free bonus credit to use on site as a thank you for joining. This can be given with or without a deposit, it all depends on the site you have joined. A no deposit bonus will not ask you to fund your account before you gain bonus funds. Instead, you will likely have to register a valid payment method to your account. With a first deposit bonus, you’ll have to fund your account with the minimum deposit level to then claim the bonus funds. These funds can be used to play in any of the features on your chosen bingo site such as slots or bingo games.

How does the newbie room work?

A ‘newbie’ is someone who has just begun an activity. In this case, that activity is playing bingo at a particular site. Therefore, these rooms are specifically for new players. Existing members will not be allowed to take part in any of the promos within the room. The room will only be open to new players for a limited amount of time. It depends on the site you are playing on how long this will be. Some sites will allow you into the free bingo newbie room for 3 days whilst others will extend your time for up to a week. Always check the terms and conditions of the site you are playing on to avoid confusion.

As part of the deals offered in the room, you could gain real cash when playing free bingo. Some of the top sites on the web will give newbies access to huge cash jackpots without them having to pay a penny in ticket costs.