iPad Bingo

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Those with iPads may use them for shopping, looking up directions or even ordering a takeaway. One thing that we love to do with these devices is to play iPad bingo, as it’s really the perfect device for it! Join us as we explain why.

Best iPad Bingo Sites

If you want to experience bingo for iPad devices without delay, then these sites are for you:

Bingo Hollywood – With a super app, this brand is always a place that we enjoy playing. There are thousands of games for you to experience with your device.

Wink Bingo – This social place to play bingo is ideal to play on as you sit in front of the telly.

888 Ladies – Use this site’s mobile app to really enjoy their bingo games or you can even use their mobile site if you prefer.

Tasty Bingo – Everything about this site is so bright and colourful, which makes it even better on your iPad.

As always, take a peek into the T&Cs of a site before you claim these offers.

Playing Bingo on iPad Compared to Kindle Fire

So what makes this device so great to play bingo on? Well there are a number of factors that make it one of our top devices to use. When you compare it to a device like the Kindle Fire, the iPad really shows its strengths. When matched up, the iPad comes out on top in terms of:

  • Processing power
  • Storage space
  • Screen brightness
  • Range of apps available

There are many pros to using an iPad to play bingo with, but the lower price point of the Kindle Fire may be appealing to more users.

Browser Based Vs Downloadable Apps

If you like choice when it comes to playing bingo, then you have a big one to make when you’re playing on your iPad. This is the choice between browser based sites and downloadable apps, which is totally down to you. Here are the pros and cons of playing with each.

Browser Based Sites

These are generally more common and don’t require you to download software to play with. If you’re unsure of downloading apps or just want to stay on the safe side then these may appeal to you. Lots of sites have a mobile version that you can access this way, even if you’re not playing with an iPad.

The negative aspect of these types of sites is that they take a little longer to access and may not have as many games available. These can be points of contention for players, so they choose to use an app instead.

Downloadable Apps

These can be handy for users that have enough space on their device to store them. If you choose to download an app then you should always do so from a reputable site. Pop a shortcut to the home screen of your device and you can access bingo in a single tap.

Not all devices can support an app, so you might be disappointed if you go to download one.

Just For Fun Vs Real Money iPad Bingo

There are loads of free bingo games for iPad too, so you can play on these without spending a penny. The downside is that these bingo apps for iPad don’t let you win real money either, but if you’re just interested in the game then this shouldn’t be too off putting.

Check out one of these free games for your iPad to get the ball rolling:

  • Bingo Island – If you’re in need of some sun, sea and sand then check this nifty little app out. You’ll go globetrotting on a load of different game screens to bingo in style.
  • Bingo Blitz – This is one of the top downloaded bingo apps for iPad and there’s a lot to do in this game. They have bingo and slots, with power ups that change a losing game into a winning one.

Explore these bingo apps to unleash the power of bingo on the go! Make sure you play with reputable brands to get the very best experience.