In Depth: Bingo Promos

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One of the aspects that we love to see on a bingo site is a full and varied promotions area. There are lots of different bingo promotions that you can encounter online, each with their own pros and cons. In this article, we’re taking an in depth look at these offers so keep reading to find out more.

Our Favourite Sites for the Best Promos

If you’re looking for sites with consistently good promotions then we can suggest the following:

Wink Bingo – This site is well known for their promotions, which include free games, jackpots and even prize draws.

888 Ladies – Though this is a sister site of Wink Bingo, they have totally different promotion for you to play on.

Tasty Bingo – If you want to sink your teeth into a site with delicious promotions then this is the site for you.

Table of Contents

  • All or Nothing Game Promos
  • Bingo Codes
  • Chat Game Promos
  • Jackpot Game Promos
  • Leaderboard Challenges
  • Linked Network Promos
  • Prize Draws and Raffles
  • Roomie of the Week/Month
  • Slot of the Week
  • Social Media Promos
  • Tournaments

All or Nothing Game Promos

This is a more recent concept in jackpot bingo games, as it adds another bit of excitement into the gameplay. In these 90 ball games, there’s no 1L or 2L win prizes so only the top player will win anything. This might seem like it’s a disadvantage but the FH prize is often much bigger as a result.

Bingo Codes

Bingo codes can be used for a number of different promotions, whether they are to opt into the promotion or receive a prize. If it is the latter then they can be used during your deposit to add funds, free spins or other freebies.

Chat Game Promos

If you’re a social player that likes to play in hosted rooms then you’ll be accustomed to these promotions. They are manned by chat hosts who run the game and they will usually give you loyalty points for participating. Generally, these games require you to be the first player to write the correct answer to the question that they pose.

Jackpot Game Promos

Bingo jackpots were once just straight prizes for players with FH, 1L or 2L but this isn’t the case anymore. Here are some of the different types of jackpots that may take centre stage in a promotion:

  1. Sliding jackpots – The prize goes down as the number of calls increases.
  2. Progressive jackpots – Each ticket bought contributes to the overall prize pool.
  3. Everyone Wins – While part of the jackpot is won by a few players, there are commiseration prizes so no one leaves empty handed.
  4. Guaranteed jackpots – These are the most common jackpots, as they simply apply to any jackpot game that stays the same until someone wins it. The game doesn’t end until it is won and it won’t change throughout.

Leaderboard Challenges

These are competitive promotions that will require you to face off against other players to climb a leaderboard. You may earn points in various ways, such as playing bingo, depositing or spinning on selected slots. One thing remains the same, you must find yourself at the top of the heap to win.

Linked Network Promos

What some bingo players may refer to as the bane of the bingo world, these are promotions that take place on a number of sites on a network. These can allow you to play for more but if they are the only promotions on a site then they can get a bit samey.

Prize Draws and Raffles

These are additional chances to win from your bingo site, they are similar to leaderboard challenges in that you will be challenged to do selected activities for your entries. Where it differs is that the winners are picked at random instead of being scored based on their activity versus other players.

The more entries you have, the more likely you are to win however so it can pay to earn more entries.

Roomie of the Week/Month

If you’re the type of player that always takes part in promotions, chats on social media or just gets noticed, you could be a roomie of the week or month. This is when you are selected as one of their top players and rewarded accordingly. This can give you vouchers, a massive bonus, prizes and more.

Slot of the Week

While playing some slots is always rewarding, there are slot of the week promotions to boost this even further. When you play in the selected slot of the week you can win entries into a draw, free spins, bingo bonuses and more.

Social Media Promos

There are a lot of bingo brands that are on Facebook or Twitter and like to treat their players to some social fun. Similar to chat games, they won’t usually cost you anything but may reward you with a bonus. Some other social media games may also give you real prizes if you’re lucky.

Social media can also be used to promote other offers on site, so liking a page can bring you a lot of good news.


Bingo tournaments are other promotions that will challenge you to become a champion bingo player. Players can take part in these as a team or as an individual and the way in which you win can differ depending on the promotion. You might have to take part in the most chat games, win the most cash or even bingo on the highest numbers.

Whichever promotions you choose to take part in, you should always check the terms and conditions. They can be helpful for you to grab some additional funds or chances to win, so we’re keeping our eyes peeled for the latest and best offers.