Where to Find the Best Bingo Rooms

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Do you know where the best bingo rooms online are? The answer depends on what you like to get from your bingo efforts. We’ve put together a collection of great sites to try – each one packed with assorted rooms to visit – and listed some of the most popular rooms you’ll see too.

Where to find the best bingo rooms


One of the most popular bingo sites online today, Wink has so much to offer. They have bingo rooms available around the clock, from Spare Pennies to Funny Bunny and through to the VIP gem rooms, such as Power Gem.


If you like a spot of free bingo, you’ll find rooms here that offer just that. Grab their latest welcome deal and explore rooms with 75-ball and 90-ball offerings, not to mention the ever-popular five-line bingo alternative.


With a huge 500% bonus on offer for newbies, Bingo Hollywood has plenty of bingo rooms to explore. Watch for seasonal games, mega-money games and specials as well.

Bingo Street

Free bingo opportunities are now being added to this popular site. Expect to see bingo rooms offering pre-buy tickets, jackpots and lots more besides for newcomers and existing players to check out.

Our picks for the best bingo rooms

Newbie rooms

Newbie rooms are designed for new players to a bingo site. They have several common features:

  • They’re open every day, sometimes for set hours
  • Newbies can normally access them for a set period, for example, for the first week after joining a website
  • They often have free bingo games to take part in
  • They offer real bingo prizes, even when the games are free!

If you happen to join a bingo site, see if they have a newbie room. You’ll only have a short time to make the most of it, so make sure you do just that.

VIP rooms

You could view VIP rooms as the opposite of the newbie rooms. You’ll get exclusive access to one or more rooms designed for dedicated players.

Find out what’s required to become a VIP at your preferred site, and then look for the VIP bingo rooms to see what they can offer. These could include:

  • Bonuses
  • Loyalty points
  • Free bingo tickets

Watch out for different levels of VIP status too, which could mean your experience in the VIP rooms can vary.

Jackpot game rooms

This one speaks for itself! A jackpot game room will allow you to take part in a bingo game that has a jackpot prize for the lucky winner. Here are some pointers to bear in mind if you decide to give them a try:

  • Jackpot rooms tend to pack in lots of players, all wanting to scoop the main prize
  • You can play various forms of bingo in jackpot rooms – some have 90-ball games while others have 75-ball variations
  • Jackpots can be awarded on certain days of the week, or every day
  • Look and see what is required to win the jackpot – it could be a coverall game or another achievement to trigger the payout

Free rooms

Who would say no to the chance to visit free bingo rooms? This is exactly what it sounds like – a bingo room where the tickets are free and you can play for real prizes. Points to note:

  • They’re not always available all the time
  • Jackpots might be smaller than they would be in paid games
  • There could be a limit to the number of tickets you can buy

Chat rooms

Many bingo rooms offer a chat feature, so you can get to know other players who are taking part. There are a few points to be aware of:

  • It’s a great way to chat with other players
  • You can familiarise yourself better with how things work – you’ve got people you can ask
  • Chat while you play!
  • Every chat room will have a chat host to moderate and look after it
  • Some rooms have chat games hosted by the chat host, where bonuses and other prizes might be won

Which bingo room will be the best one for you?

After reading through all the above options, why not see which ones are most appealing to you? Visit your favourite bingo sites now and try out as many as you can.