Entropay Bingo

The competition is fierce in the online payment sector. With many different services now available to cope with the additional demands of the more mobile consumer, it can be hard to know where to start. Many online payment services seek to both make on-the-go transactions easier and make them more secure. One of the best of these on the market today is Entropay. As a service, it works extremely well with online gaming. For those who dislike using credit and debit cards online, either due to security concerns or their time-consuming nature, Entropay could be the answer to your prayers.

Here are the best bingo sites that accept Entropay:

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What to look for

To use this method for bingo, you’ll have to ensure that you’re playing on one of the many bingo sites that take Entropay. To make things easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top sites on the web where you can enjoy great games of bingo and exciting slots- all whilst using Entropay.

Setting up an Entropay

Before you’ll be able to play bingo with Entropay, you’ll first have to set up an account online. This will allow you to pay safely and privately online. After you’ve signed up, you’ll receive your own Virtual Visa which will allow you to make purchases anywhere you see the Visa sign. Card details are received instantly, so you can begin using the service as soon as you’ve signed up. No need to wait on a physical copy being delivered. You’ll also be able to use the virtual visa on gaming sites to play any of the bingo and slots on offer. Rest assures that when you make transactions online with Entropay, you’ll be protected from sharing any financial information by the service’s encryption software.

Entropay vs PayPal

PayPal is an extremely popular online payment service used across a variety of sectors. Like Entropay, PayPal’s major selling point is its ability to carry out a transaction instantly. You can purchase anything instantly from anywhere. It’s very widely utilised in the retail sector. Many brands will allow you pay via PayPal thus minimizing the need for credit and debit cards online. For those looking to use one service for both retail and gaming purchases then PayPal certainly fits the bill. However, one of the advantages Entropay has over PayPal is its particular suitability for use in the online betting sphere. PayPal does not offer a virtual visa. Instead, the funds you transfer come from your own current account. With Entropay’s virtual visa, players can budget. You will only ever be able to spend the funds which you have loaded onto the card. Therefore, you are unable to ever run up a significant bill or lose track of funds which would inevitably end in bank charges. Both methods are extremely compatible with mobile devices and are excellent choices for gamers on the go. No one wants to have to enter card details across an unsecure connection, both of these methods negate the chance of this happening. Your details are stored securely are encrypted.

Entropay is a great method of depositing and withdrawing funds for online bingo players. Not only does it offer a budgeting method in the form of its virtual visa but it presents a great level of security for those apprehensive about carrying out online transactions. It’s easy to use on Entropay bingo sites and could save you both time and money.

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