Bingo Lucky Charms

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Do you have any bingo good luck charms? Some people never play bingo without them, while others don’t believe in them. Which side of the fence do you prefer?

Best sites to test your lucky charms


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Are you superstitious? How could you improve your luck?

Superstitions pervade every area of society, so it’s not surprising to find a host of bingo superstitions too once you start looking. We’ve focused on a few of the most popular ones here, but there are undoubtedly lots of others as well.

Lucky numbers

There are all kinds of ways to incorporate lucky bingo numbers into your games. Many people play the same numbers repeatedly, in the hope one day they will come up trumps for them.

Here are some suggestions for lucky numbers you could use:

  • Your wedding date
  • Your birthday, or birthdays of family members
  • Lucky numbers such as 8 in Chinese culture (other numbers are denoted as lucky or unlucky in Chinese lore, so watch for those too)
  • Numbers that have won for you in the past
  • Any number that has another personal meaning to you

Good luck charms

Think of lucky charms and you probably think of a rabbit’s foot. Few people want to carry one of those around though, so how about these as suggestions?

  • Feng Shui says a red envelope sealed with coins in it can bring good luck
  • A four-leaf clover… if you can find one!
  • Crossed fingers – hope for the best if you do this
  • Anything else you can hold that you feel is lucky

Top tip: what worked for you when you won at bingo before?

If something seemed to be lucky for you in the past, perhaps it would be again. Why not give it a try and keep it with you just in case?

Good luck mantras

A mantra is something you say that will hopefully bring good fortune. Here are some examples, although you can of course create your own:

  • Please bring me some good luck as I play
  • Today will be lucky for me
  • I will win at bingo today!

You get the idea. You can probably think of many more, too. Just remember the wording must be positive and specific.

Playing on specific dates, days or times

Has one time been very lucky for you in the past? Maybe you want to play at that time again. It can be tempting to stick with a pattern that works.

Lucky patterns

This one applies to 75-ball bingo. Is there a pattern that could be lucky for you, or has been already? Try that and see if you win.

Some more lucky suggestions

Here are some other ideas and suggestions that might work for you too:

  • Wear a lucky piece of clothing
  • Always sit in the same seat when you play
  • Always play on the same device that’s been lucky for you in the past
  • Go to bingo sites where you’ve won before
  • Play the same games you’ve won at before

What will work for you?