Bingo Jackpots

If you are new to bingo it can be a little overwhelming the number of bingo jackpots that are now available on these sites, when really all of these jackpots are there to make your games much more thrilling and hopefully help you win lots of extra cash prizes! Here are some of our favourite sites to play huge jackpot games and an explanation as to what each of these jackpots is.

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Sliding jackpot bingo games

— are when a player’s potential winnings diminish throughout the game as more numbers are called, so the aim is to tick off those numbers as fast as you possibly can! Usually, there is a maximum and minimum jackpot and the value varies so it is always worth checking this before you start playing the game.

Progressive jackpot bingo

— games always offer huge jackpots, and this is the one that everyone wants to win! The game will start off with an initial jackpot and as more and more players contribute towards the game, this jackpot will grow too. You’ll need to win a full house for the big jackpot prize!

Guaranteed bingo jackpots

— normally advertise the jackpot for the game and how much players can win, as some other games such as sliding jackpots lower the amount throughout the game. The length of the game then invariably does not matter in this game as the jackpot will remain the same.

Bingo sites with coverall jackpots

— mean you need to get a total card blackout to win, but you’ll need to be quick if you want to win the jackpot as you’ll need to have your entire card marked off before a set number of balls are called out. After this point, the jackpot will start to decline!

Slots with Jackpots

Jackpot fun is not just reserved for bingo players, as slot players can earn lots of cash too with jackpot slot games. These types of slot machines are normally connected to lots of machines and this money is combined to form one huge prize.

Tips and Tricks to Winning Big

There are lots of different ways in which you can increase your chances of winning with bingo jackpots, so make sure you are getting the most out of your wagers and read our favourite tips and tricks to help you win big next time you play!

  • Whenever you join a new site, or before you join, always read over their Terms and Conditions as there are always rules as to what you can and cannot play with any bonus money you have earned.
  • The Terms and Conditions also will determine the wagering requirements set for that particular site. Some are set extremely high, making it much harder to collect your winnings.
  • If you are going to be making any large wagers, keep them for the big jackpot rooms where you can win the most cash back for your money.
  • Lots of sites offer free bingo rooms for newbies, so have a go at those first before you start wagering your hard earned cash.
  • Pre-buying tickets is a great way to increase your chances of winning as you can then have a card with numbers that are spread out and has both odd and even numbers.

Bingo jackpots are always the most thrilling ways to play bingo, as you’ll not only get hours of entertainment but you could also win a tonne of cash compared to other types of games, and no one is going to say no that!