1p Bingo Games

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How do you fancy paying a penny – yep, just one penny – to take part in a bingo game? It’s a persuasive offer, isn’t it? If you want to know more about penny bingo games, you’re in the right place to read about them.

Top penny bingo game sites


There are plenty of games you can play for pennies at Wink. (Watch for free games as well, not to mention other for 2p, 4p and even 5p a ticket, and other amounts under 10p a time.)

Bingo Street

This street is packed with bingo games, including the Bingo Joy area where 1p games are the order of the day. Look out for the £100 Daily Windfall, not to mention the Happy Place!

What are penny bingo games?

Strictly speaking, this term is given to any bingo game that has tickets costing 10p and under. The true penny bingo game is the one that costs just 1p a ticket, so watch out for these too. In each case, you have a great opportunity to play for prizes and it’ll only cost 10p or less per ticket.

How are they different from free or no-deposit bingo games?

There are several differences you might spot as you find out more about them. We’ll get you started on the right track:

  1. The penny games are generally available all the time
  2. They’re more readily available than free bingo games
  3. Players can take advantage of penny bingo games whenever they like
  4. Free and no-deposit games could be limited in scope and time-limited to play too
  5. There are usually real money prizes to be won in penny bingo – winnings in free or no-deposit bingo games could come with T&Cs before any winnings can be withdrawn

Can you win real money and are there big pots?

Penny bingo sites do offer real money prizes for penny bingo wins. However, you may find the pots are smaller than they would be for more expensive paid bingo games. On the other hand, they do occasionally provide bigger pots to tempt new players to participate, so keep an eye out for those.

Our top tip: check the size of the pot before you take part

But remember, you’re playing for free, so it costs nothing to have a go!

Are these games available 24/7?

Not always. You’ll need to check the opening and closing times of each bingo room. Bear the following points in mind:

  1. Some rooms are open between specific times, i.e. 5pm and 2am, for example
  2. Other games play continuously, with a new game starting every few minutes
  3. You might have 90-ball and 75-ball penny bingo options to choose from, so even if one variant isn’t available, another one might be
  4. Most bingo sites count down to the next bingo game before it starts, so it’s easy to spot sites that have these games, even if they haven’t yet begun

Are there T&Cs I should know about?

You should always check the terms and conditions that apply to any game you’re about to play. The T&Cs will include details of how to play that particular game, not to mention any requirements you have to fulfill. There isn’t usually anything untoward there, but it’s best to check in advance.

Try your luck with 1p bingo today!

Cheap bingo sites offer a wide range of bingo games. The best part about trying them is you can make a small budget go a long, long way. Imagine playing with just a fiver, for example – that could last you 500 games when you’re only playing 1p a time!